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At Valerio, our Corsi are truly our pride and joy.  They are 100% part of our family and with us day & night.  When we purchased our first Cane Corso, we spent a lot of time and research making sure this dog was a good fit for our family.  We were looking for a large breed house dog that could make our home feel safe and secure.  We were looking for a dog with a great temperament, good with people and being great with kids was a definite must!  Our Corsi have gone above and beyond our expectations.   As a breeder, we care very much about our dogs and puppies and we take the time to find them a perfect, well suited home.  Please take time to read about the breed to make sure this is the right dog for you as a lot of time and socialization goes into this breed.  Temperament is a priority!  Feel free to contact us anytime.

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Is the Cane Corso the Right Breed for You? 

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